Beauty Device Manufacturing in Malaysia

Beauty Device Manufacturing in Malaysia
Malaysia is a leading supplier of medical devices and healthcare equipment offering everything
from surgical devices to beauty products cellreturn led面罩. In fact, Malaysia’s leading manufacturer of medical
laboratory equipments and accessories, Sycom, is also the largest seller of beauty products in
the world. Sycom holds a global share in the cosmetic and beauty device industry selling a
variety of skin care products as well as health and dental care equipment. With an estimated
worth of more than six billion dollars, this company not only commands a big market share but
also leads the industry in innovation and research.

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Malaysia’s leading cosmetic brands include Aveda, Cellex, DHC, Elemis, Farouk CHI-MP, Gerd
CHI-MP, JLS, MD Miracle, Meheal CHI-MP, My Beauty Remedies, OCP, Pura Chancing,
Revitol, Revlon, Shiseido, Sunbeam, and Yonka. A major section of these beauty products deals
with make-up and dermatology devices such as eyeliners, lipsticks, foundations, powders, eye
shadows, blushers, brushes, and eyeshadows. Cosmetics in Malaysia are also widely popular
with local women. Major cosmetics brands include Anastasia Bialcare, Cellexic (Bialette), DHC
(DHC Professional Chandelier Kit), Elemis, Farouk CHI-MP, Gerd CHI-MP, JLS, MD Miracle,
Meheal CHI-MP, My Beauty Remedies, OCP, and Shiseido.
Malaysia’s most renowned beauty device manufacturer is Cellex. This company holds a strong
presence in the cosmetics and beauty segment in Malaysia. As of mid-2021, its sales of beauty
devices and cosmetics had reached USD 47 million, up six percent from the previous year.
Cellex’s main competitor is Anastasia Beverly Hills, which has been in the cosmetics and beauty
device segment for many years. Although it does not yet hold the top spot in the market, it is a
close second to JLS in terms of sales.

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Cellexic cosmetic products have several natural skin care creams, lotions, moisturizers, sun
protection products, and bath and body supplies. Anastasia Beverly Hills sells its own line of
cosmetics products, such as Day and Night and Body Works. These two beauty companies are
not only popular in Malaysia but are known world-wide for their skin care products and
cosmetics. In fact, Day and Night is one of the major players in the beauty device industry.
The other major cosmetics manufacturers in Malaysia are Ateer & Bios, Alta Vista, Avail & Zia,
Blu International, Cosecha, CZ Clarities, Diamond Dolls, Ecover, Estee Lauder, Fast Vintage,
H&M Optical, Just Pink, Limited Brands, Max & Fitch, Massai, Ponds, and Shiseido. These
companies produce a wide variety of beauty products and cosmetics. For example, Ateer & Bios

offer a complete line of skincare, makeup, and make-up products, which include anti-aging, anti-
pore clogging, and skin rejuvenation solutions. They also sell specialty cosmetics, such as

cosmetics for the face and body. Other cosmetic companies with manufacturing facilities in
Malaysia include brands owned by the likes of Estee Lauder, KFC, and Wal-Mart.
Beauty device manufacturing in Malaysia offers a wide selection of different types of devices.
Some devices are waterproof, such as those sold by Ateer & Bios. Others feature different sizes,
such as the Clearlook Easy Ring Lotion Lamp. This product has a built-in, battery-powered fan
that circulates air around the device, helping it stay cool while it heats up the surrounding area.
Other devices have multiple functions, such as those by Diamond Dolls. Some Diamond dolls
sell as individual pieces, and others come together as kits, including a compact, body pack, and
a brush.